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Brand myBunjee

Tired of branded umbrellas, pens and sticky notes, why not try a branded myBunjee®? The newest, most innovative advertising tool to storm the market.  Minimum order only 50. There are over 5 billion handsets around the world - there's no better way to get your brand seen!

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Designed to fit all phone sizes

The MyBunjee® adapts to fit any phone. Keep your phones safe, protected and available at all times.

extendable coil. Responsive flex

The coil gives you the flexibility to use your phone, whilst still ensuring its safety by being attached to you or your bag

Robust and CLIPS to everything

Clip it to your jeans, your bag, your belt – wherever! MyBunjee®'s unique design keeps your phone close and safe.

Suitbale for fetivals and camping