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Hot Sleeve


Polder's Hot Sleeve™ is the perfect companion for people on the go.  Safely store your hot styling tools and be on your way.  Great for travel or the gym.

The Hot Sleeve's silicone body is heat resistant to 500°F.  Wrap the styling tool's cord around and use the plug catch to hold in place when stored.  The hanging hook allows for easy storage and can be hung on a towel bar or over the cabinet door.  Available in pink and black.


Designed to fit all phone sizes

The myBunjee® adapts to fit any phone. Keep your phones safe, protected and available at all times.

extendable coil. Responsive flex

The coil gives you the flexibility to use your phone, whilst still ensuring its safety by being attached to you or your bag®

Robust and CLIPS to everything

Clip it to your jeans, your bag, your belt – wherever! myBunjee®'s unique design keeps your phone close and safe