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About myBunjee

Introducing myBunjee® an ingenious device that simply slips over and secures any mobile phone, preventing it from hitting the deck by way of a coiled bunjee cord that clips to your jacket, belt loop or bag/handbag.

The Stats

Everyone has dropped and broken a mobile phone at some stage in their life. The sickening crunch as it hits the pavement is often followed, moments later, by the dreaded realisation that maybe the insurance package wasn't such a bad idea after all.

And with mobile crime on the rise, it's not only accidents that end up costing

  • One mobile phone is stolen every 12 seconds
  • 189,000 claims were made due to a mobile dropping out of a pocket
  • 101,000 claims were made by owners who dropped their phone down the toilet!


  • "Love this product - saved my mobile from smashing a number of times!"Donna Mullins

  • "How has someone not thought of this before? An ingenious idea and really comes into its own when I am on the piste!"Derrick Nicholson

  • "I got a MyBunjee for my son, who was always dropping his phone. It costs a lot less than a new phone for sure!"James Turner

  • "I used to lose my phone on nights out all the time. Now I know it’s safely clipped to my bag I always know where it is"Olivia Wray

  • "Mobile phone theft is increasing all the time due to smart phone technology. However myBunjee will be a great asset in crime prevention and reduction."PC 1129 Harvey Watson

  • "When I am snowboarding down the Piste, I am safe in the knowledge that there is zero chance of my phone being damaged."Oliver Harris

  • "myBunjee is awesome! I always used to lose my phone. Now I know that it is attached to my trousers and I am safe to leave the house!"Simon Shaw

Mybunjee Snowboarding

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