The Bunjee Classic fits most mobile phones from the smallest on the market up to the Iphone. It expands and then grips onto the phone no matter what the size. 

Depending on your height, it may do. However, all we suggest you do is attach the Bunjee clip higher up on you jacket or if you are wearing trousers, loop it through the first trouser loop and attach it to the loop further back.

The Bunjee does so much more than a case! Where cases only protect your phone from dropping and breaking, the Bunjee stops you from dropping and breaking your phone, losing it or even having it stolen.

The Bunjee Lanyard lanyard is roughly but can vary from style to style.

All our lanyards have a safety release catch at the back of your neck, which will release when pressure is applied.

The Bunjee Phone Wallet has a 3M sticky back that you peel off and then apply to the back of your mobile phone/case.

As long as the phone wallet is not overfilled, the phone wallet should last for as long as you want it on your phone.

You can take the Bunjee Phone Wallet off at any point. It may leave a small amount of residual glue, which is easy to remove.

We suggest having no more than 3 cards in the phone wallet at any one time.

You can stay under water for as long as you like and the case will remain waterproof.

The Swimcell is made of the highest quality waterproof material and has been tested and certified to a 10m depth.

Yes! That’s the beauty of the Swimcell. The touch screen still work through the case so you can make a call, send messages and use your camera.