How can I keep my iPhone safe?

How can I keep my iPhone safe? We know it isn’t always as easy as it sounds, but why not? You’ve spent hundreds of pounds on the latest and greatest phone on the market, the last thing you should have to worry about is it shattering on the floor, getting lost or stolen or having to hide its stunning new looks inside a plastic shell! 

Lucky for you we’re in the business of keeping phones safe and sound without the fuss of your usual bulky phone case. In this blog post, we’ll be making sure your phone woes are a thing of the past and that you can run, ride, hike, dance with confidence.

Protect your iPhone from being dropped

Whether you own an iPhone or any other brand of phone, nothing breaks your heart quite like the crack of glass and metal crashing against the floor. At that moment you know exactly what’s happened, your phone has hit the floor and all you want to do is look away and pretend it hasn’t happened.

This is the exact reason that phone cases have been purchased all around the world, in a bid to minimise the impact of the phone against the solid surface it thunders into and hopefully sparing you from a very large repair bill.

But what if we told you there was a better way and that your phone never had to even come close to the floor. We designed and engineered the Bunjee Classic to make sure your phone never hits the floor again. The unique silicone strap goes around your phone and doesn’t hide the stunning design of your phone, whilst the unique cord that clips to your trousers, shirt or anywhere else you can think of, acts as a spring if you drop your phone or it slips out of your pocket, making sure your it bounces back before any damage can occur.

How to protect my phone from being stolen

Keeping your phone safe, doesn’t just mean stopping it from hitting the floor and breaking, it also means keeping it close to you and safe from thieves.

Whether you’re in a crowded club, at a gig dancing to your favourite band, at a busy train station starting your daily commute or anywhere else in between, you want to know your phone is safe in your hand or pocket at all times. 

The Bunjee Classic and the Bunjee Lanyard both protect your phone from being stolen and close at hand, helping you capture every moment or go hands-free no matter where you are.

The unique way that the Bunjee Classic and Bunjee Lanyard are attached to your phone allows our phone to remain lightweight without compromising on the design and usability of your phone. The body of both is made of durable and flexible rubber that grips phones of any size.

The Bunjee Lanyard can be hung around the neck, whilst the Bunjee Classic can be clipped to your trousers, keeping your phone safe in your pocket or can be clipped inside a bag.

How to protect my iPhone from getting wet

We’ve all been there, taking a selfie in the sea when a big wave hits and you hear the plop as your phone sinks into the sand or it disappears into the depths of a lake or river.

Whilst most phones including iPhones are waterproof these days, they are only waterproof to a certain depth for a certain amount of time. The waterproof certification also only applies to being submerged in freshwater, which means seawater could spell disaster for your device.

Swimcell offers the perfect protection for your phone regardless of whether it gets dropped into the sea, a lake, a river or even the bath.

The waterproof pouch is resealable and once you put your device inside and close the seal at the top, your phone is totally protected from any water source up to a depth of 10m without losing any functionality (you can still use the touchscreen through the Swimcell). It also has the additional benefit of offering protection against snow, mud and sand making it a truly all-weather solution for protecting your phone.

Protect your data

Last on our list of ways to protect your iPhone or any type of mobile phone is making sure you protect the data that’s on your phone.

From priceless pictures and videos of loved ones to apps that give you access to your banking and favourite online stores, we all have our lives in the palm of our hands, so it’s vital we protect our phones.

Make sure you set up a robust PIN number or access code and if your phone has the functionality that allows you to enable Face ID or Touch ID make sure they are switched on and set up. The more security measures you have, the better!

Ultimate protection for your mobile phone

We’re trusted by some of the biggest names in the business including Carphone Warehouse, Orange, T Mobile, O2, Samsung and many more to make sure phones across the world stay safe and undamaged and we want to help you too.

If you’re looking to give yourself peace of mind and worry less about where your phone is or if it’ll be ok if you drop it, then we’re here to help. Check out our full range of mobile security accessories by clicking here.